Geox J Magnetar G.B ABX J264la 054Fu C4117


Size: 30

Colour/Width: Avio/Fuchsia


Waterproof cushioning junior sneaker that takes its cues from hiking footwear. Cast in blue, this version of Magnetar ABX features a comfortable upper made from a printed leather-effect material and nylon. A breathable protective shoe that is ideal for all open-air activities and will keep feet constantly dry, even when it is pouring with rain.

  • Breathability for the outsole and a feeling of well-being for the foot are guaranteed by Geox-patented systems.
  • Superlative protection and optimal thermo-regulation in all weather conditions thanks to Amphibiox technology which makes for an impervious breathable upper and sole.
  • Protection against the cold thanks to excellent levels of thermal insulation.
  • An outstanding cushioning effect which offers protection and soaks up jolts and vibrations.
  • Lightweight footwear for comfortable walking throughout the day.
  • Highly wearable piece of footwear that delivers superior comfort levels.
  • Toe and heel guards provide protection against jolts and bumps.
  • The single riptape closure and elasticated lacing make it easy to slip on and adjust.
  • The removable footbed is hygienic and practical.