Geox J Assister G. A J45E9A 0ASHH C4A8R Aqua/Lilac Trainer



J45E9A 0ASHH C4A8R J Assister G. A

Lightweight, breathable and flexible slip-on sneaker for girls with a sporty-casual aesthetic.
  • System devised by Geox for breathability of the outsole.
  • An outstanding cushioning effect which offers protection and soaks up jolts and vibrations.
  • Lightweight footwear for comfortable walking throughout the day.
  • Highly wearable piece of footwear that delivers superior comfort levels.
  • Footwear with lights and on/off switch.
  • The single riptape closure and elasticated lacing make it easy to slip on and adjust.
  • The removable footbed is hygienic and practical.