Ricosta Cory 50 1200102/450



50 1200102/450 Cory

    Ricosta Cory Pre Walker Boots are designed for infants who are beginning to take their first steps. The boots are made from high-quality nubuck leather, which are gentle on the baby's delicate feet. The construction ensures flexibility and allows natural movement while providing stability and support.

    Designed with adjustable laces, to ensure a secure fit. This allows parents to adjust the boots to their baby's feet and prevent them from slipping off.

    Lined with soft and cushioned leather, providing a comfortable and cosy fit for the baby. The padding helps to protect the feet and reduce friction, minimizing the risk of blisters or discomfort.

    The soles of these boots are made from lightweight and flexible rubber that allow for natural foot movement. This flexibility supports the development of balance and coordination as the baby learns to walk.  

    • Uppers: Nubuck
    • Linings: Leather
    • Insoles: Leather
    • Fastenings: Lace
    • Soles: Rubber
    • Features: Removable Insoles
    • Width: Mittel (Medium)

    For fitting advice, check out our video guide to finding the right shoes for your little one: Watch Here